How’s the Tulsa Oklahoma Real Estate Investing Market in 2020?

How’s the Tulsa Oklahoma Real Estate Investing Market in 2020?

We grew up in Tulsa, and are full-time Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors who are highly involved in the market today. We own several rentals in the Tulsa metro and surrounding areas, and have also flipped several SFR’s over the last four years.

If you’re also a Real Estate Investor looking for opportunities to expand your property portfolio in a growing market, with a lot of upside, you may want to consider Tulsa OK. We gain access to so many off-market deals that many just do not fit our portfolio, and we maintain a network of other investors who we refer the excess discount deals to.

In our opinion, Tulsa and surrounding suburbs provide a great place to live, and to invest in both Real Estate & Business in general.  The median housing prices are still pretty low here, and your money buys a lot more home.  The property taxes are also lower throughout Oklahoma. The rental rates are decent for investors, and can be great if acquiring properties at typical investor discounts through companies like 4 Lease 4 Sale LLC. Rental to price ratios of 1-1.5% are still very attainable in A & B Neighborhoods in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Coweta, etc., and sometimes up to 2% if investing in C Areas, or further out communities.

Good acquisition deals on Multi-Family are much harder to find though due to competitiveness in the market, but we still locate the occasional “off-market” multi-family, or commercial deal priced below many other markets.

Here’s additional links to a lot of helpful information.  Feel free to contact us for more assistance, and complete our Investor Contact Form.

Video: About Tulsa (From the City of Tulsa)

Retail Housing Sales Report: Jan 2020 Median Report (From Tulsa Area Realtors)

Rental Indicators: 25 US Cities Where Rents Increasing the Fastest (No. 9 Tulsa & No. 11 Oklahoma City) – (From Business Insider)

More Tulsa Market/Economy Info: “What Others Say”

  • No. 5 among top-10 U.S. cities where the average renter can afford to live alone ( 2019)
  • No. 1 City Among Top 25 Most Affordable Cities to Live & Work 2019 ( 2018)
  • No. 1 U.S. city where incomes are growing the fastest ( 2017)
  • No. 3 among top U.S./European cities for innovative municipal problem solving (Cities of Service, 2018)
  • No. 4 best city for traffic ( 2019)
  • No. 4 best large city for starting a business ( 2017)
  • No. 5 among America’s Best Small Cities ( 2019)
  • No. 3 most popular city for extremely active millennials ( 2018)
  • No. 1 Broken Arrow ranked Most Livable Small City in the U.S. (City Livability Awards 2018)
  • No. 6 among top 7 Most Recession Proof U.S. Cities ( 2019)
  • No. 7 among top 10 U.S. counties in job creation 2017-18 (Economic Innovation Group & Labor Dept. 2019)
  • No. 7 among America’s Best Small Cities ( 2018)
  • No. 13 among top 50 cities for economic opportunity ( 2017)
  • No. 1 State with lowest overall Tax Burden (Anderson Economic Group 2017)
  • No. 5 Best State for starting a business (WalletHub.com2019)
  • No. 5 Top Metro for Job Creation (SiteSelectionMagazine2019)
  • No. 5 among America’s Top 10 Small Cities ( 2019)
  • No. 9 Least Energy Expensive State ( 2018)

I hope you found all this information helpful to better evaluate the Housing Market, and Economy in Tulsa, Oklahoma for potential Real Estate investment opportunities.

Feel free to contact us for more assistance, and complete our Investor Contact Form.

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